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Welcome to a LittleFishTank Network Website

This site is "owned and operated" by Stephen Single of Atascadero, California USA. (For information about me click here.) It is operated as part of group of several aquaria websites referred to as the LittleFishTank Network. Our most popular site of the LittleFishTank Network is our dictionary site at

There are no financial contributors, investors, fish stores, or anyone else that would infer, cause bias, profit from, be involved in, affiliated with, sit next to, or even be hidden in the back room of my home. I do not profit from or compete against any person or business since this is only a hobby. Anything that I or any user of this site posts is simply a log of a personal experience. If your company does not live up to its commitments, sells goods in a method that is not consistent with the information on your website, catalog, and/or electronic vs paper invoices it will be disclosed as a statement of personal experience that may not be representative of all transactions with your organization. It will be provided for informational purposes to those who visit this website or any search engine that it is cataloged with. All posts in forums, and reviews by users of this site will be viewed in the same capacity with no malice intended toward the business involved. The only purpose is that of providing personal experience information for the transaction only that the poster was involved in and should not be construed to be a representation of all possible experiences from that vendor.

The LittleFishTank Network only receives income from occasional affiliate purchases made by visitors under some of the product reviews, Google Ads, and a few other random affiliate advertisements. The amounts from these sources amount to a very minor amount per year. Hosting and domain fees for the LittleFishTank Network sites run significantly over any income obtained and are provided at the personal expense of Stephen Single.

All information is provided with no warranty expressed or implied so use at your own risk. If you blow up, flood, or drown your fish, your home, your office, neighbors, yourself, or your spouse in the process I am NOT responsible. :-)

This site was created because for lack of a better explanation...I must be crazy. Seriously though it all started several years ago with a goldfish bowl with a Black Moor that was existing just fine without any auxillary pumps, filters, substrate, lights, plants, CO2 injection, and a plethora of "maintenance" fish and snails). That fish was named Hammerhead and well I now have spent several thousand dollars worth money and time on tanks, accessories, additives, and well...everything that Hammerhead was existing without... I obviously have simply lost my mind. Or at least that's what the owner of Hammerhead thought...(especially since Hammerhead very much liked the larger aquarium and cleaner water from constant filtration and such but unfortunately did not survive very long in the new aquarium which I say was related to "stress" from such a drastic change in environment but again she simply said it's from "expensive stuff that it did not need")

I'm a "Fish-a-holic" and the first step to more fish gadgets is admitting you have a problem. :-)

So now that I have an excuse I built a web page to share with other "Fish-a-holics" the loads of information and good and bad experiences I have had. The good, the bad, and the really really ugly fish. I've observed many sales people in local pet shops tell people anything they wanted to hear just to make a sale. I have been shipped the wrong things, shipped not enough of what I ordered, been treated as if I knew nothing about fish when I knew more than the sales person, been treated like I knew everything there was worth knowing when I didn't know anything and needed someone who did, and generally been used and abused.

Recently some store owners have even gone so far as to go to court and sue individuals for defamation for millions of dollars for posting personal experiences.

Defamation typically is either spoken or written words that falsely and negatively reflect on a living person's (or business') reputation. If someone says or writes something about you that is damages your reputation, or that keeps people from wanting to associate and/or do business with you, defamation has occurred. Truth is the single most effective defense that can be used in a defamation claim. If the remark is truthful and is embarrassing, or subjects you to ridicule, there is little you can do against it. Unless the remark is false, no recourse would be available.

Unforunately anyone can file a suit against you. You do get the benefit however that if someone does sue you for defamation and you have proof that your words were truthful you have the option of filing a countersuit against them to reclaim legal costs you took on to defend yourself, lost wages due to taking off time to defend yourself and meet with counsel, and damages as a result of harrasment in being named in a suit unjustly.

Several of the parties have very competent counsel and have very solid defense cases due to having very explicit evidence proving their statements are valid. Some of the others were based on experience from long prior and will have a more difficult time proving their case unless it is thrown out of court.

Mainly my decision to start this site came from all the misinformation being provided on sites around the world. "These tetracycline pills cured my fishes ICH...he's good as new" NOT... (Seriously I have actually seen someone claim to have cured parasites with an Anti-bacterial medication..I'm sure when the fish died a month later I'm sure they never told anyone and still don't know why it died either... unless they read this site of course and see this...)

Anyway I started this site by registering my domain and signing up for hosting at the same time with which is what I recommend anyone does starting a site fish related or not. If you go to a registration site like or etc you will end up paying more in the long run. Most hosting providers offer discounts or free domain registration fees for the life of your account with them for all new domain registrations. For existing domain names they simply waive the setup fees at the most. So for say $100-200 a year for basic hosting and $35/yr for domain registration if would thus run you upwards of $675 for 5 years registering 1 year at a time. With the free domain registration for life of your account you save $175 ($500 total cost / 5 yrs) Now sure $175 is not a lot of money but in fish terms.. that's a CPR BakPack R2 or a Fluval 404 at a local fish store. Free every 5 years and you know they gotta burn out sometime...and you can't just let your fish wait for the friendly global mailorder place to ship you one "overnight" (and end up messing up your address so it takes an extra 1-2 days to get there) and by the time you paid next day delivery you should have went to the local fish store and got it anyway. :-)

So now that everyone knows where we're coming from here and we're all on the same page. Thanks for checking out this "about" area and let me know if you have any comments or questions. Web or Fish related questions are fine with me.

So..What makes this website tick?

  • Microsoft IIS 5.0 on Windows 2000 Server
  • Microsoft SQL 2000 Database Server
  •'s network, servers, and support staff
  • phpBB message forum
  • Google's free Search Engine tool
  • Link Engine Originally " Deved by : visit our site " but they seem to have disappeared
  • 's ASP Chatroom System (Majorly modified by us with many more features added) I dont think they exist anymore either.
  • Xanasoft's (by Naeem Malik) Analog and Digital Java Clocks that still seems to be there...
  • Cool IT Guestbook 1.5 (Modified) from a place that doesnt seem to exist anymore....
  • Large amounts of my personal cash and time
  • Krups Gusto Cappucino/Espresso machine
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Several tanks full of cute little fishes
  • and some more stuff I cannot remember right now...

For more information or to give comments and suggestions please contact